Team Traction

Hello and Welcome to the Official Website of Team Traction


Who are we:


Team Traction is mainly a cruising team and is mostly active on the [TC] CityDriving servers.
Though, we can also be found at other servers.

We also have our own server, where all sorts of driving are used.
From racing, to a race with a 'Destruction Derby'-layout.
Server details can be found at our Forum.


Want to see pictures from Team Traction? Visit this link:


[TT]  Members


[TT] MvB -
[TT] KaraK -

Our leaders can have their name in red or white, this depends what tag they are wearing (COP, MED, TOW or none)

Team Manager(s):

[TT] Robi -


[TT] Spectre

[TT] Gorju
[TT] Mr. Zolfik
[TT] Cola

Our members may have their name shorter, because there is a limited amount of characters for your LFS nickname.


[TT] ausgtr8
[TT] TimDC
[TT] DeadZzz
[TT] Sam
[TT] Corey